Cristiano Ronaldo – Kick Snare

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25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo – Kick Snare

  1. mychemicalromancegrr

    @KaKisDesigns well I wrote this a month ago, i’d show you the video if i can find it, I’ll pm you.

  2. TosHiKoPFF

    Best Football Editor, Best YouTube BG, Best YouTube Icons, Best In Everything!
    0:40 Best Edit! Your edit is very very very fast and sick! I love you bro! 😉 Keep It Up man I really love your style, videos!

  3. TosHiKoPFF

    Hello 7Barcelona10, I have 1 simple question for you.
    How do you do that transition ? If any other of you guys see this message and know what transition he is using then PLEASE PLEASE write a comment or send me a message. Please answer this question 7Barcelona10.

  4. mychemicalromancegrr

    @LF9xMoDz Okay damn, i get it. If he went to Barca it would be a dream team! Sorry, i needed to shut you up, because you were starting to sound like a fuckin barca fan.

  5. LF9xMoDz

    @mychemicalromancegrr it would be impossible to beat ronaldos skill speed free kicks passing fakes messi speed with dribbiling and amazing passing and the villa great threw balls for goals his speed there strikers would be impossible to defend barca would never loose a game

  6. mychemicalromancegrr

    @LF9xMoDz Yeah, true. If he were to go to Barcelona…man. They would be a really hard team to beat :/ Glad, that he stayed with the Whites 😉 Although Real, is already great.

  7. LF9xMoDz

    @mychemicalromancegrr I like how Ronaldo could have been on the best team in the world but he choose Real Madrid becuase he new he could make the team great and he loves the city he made a good choice! Just think if he was on Barca with villa and messi Barca would have been the dream team

  8. KochisarliHD5

    The best video of Cristiano Ronaldo ever made .. Its just like CoD + Ronaldo 😀

    @FootballShowHD <--- Subscribe + Like

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