Cruyff Backs Barcelona

It’s not a surprise to see Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho hit the headlines in the sports newspapers again for slagging off his main Primera Liga rivals Barcelona. It’s probably more of a surprise that coach Pep Guardiola hasn’t snapped yet, and retains his air of humility and dignity in not rising to the bait.

Thankfully, for all Barca fans, there is one person who is willing to bat for their side – step forward club hero Johan Cruyff.

Whilst Jose Mournho has been busy saying that Barcelona always have the rub of the green, the easier fixtures after Champions League matches, the home games after International breaks, and the easier teams in the Champions League Group stages, the Barca fans have been getting slowly more and more irate. But Johan says we shouldn’t listen to him.

“Honestly, no-one cares about what Mourinho says” said the Dutchman who was a sensation in his time at the Camp Nou, both as a player and a manager.

“No-one can deny that Madrid have been playing very well in the last years, but that doesn’t mean they’ll win anything! They won the most points they’ve ever won in the league last season, but even then they still lost to Barcelona! We have nothing to prove to Mourinho”