Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff has said that it would almost be impossible for any player to replicate the record set by Lionel Messi if the Argentine carries on with the same pace when it comes to scoring goals.

The Argentine recently broke the all-time record of the most number of goals for Barcelona. He has now scored more than 234 goals in just over 300 games for Barcelona, which has broken the record set by Cesar back in the 1950s. This season alone, the Argentine has scored 60 goals in all competitions for Barcelona. Johan Cruyff reckons that it would not be possible for any player to break the record set by Lionel Messi if he continues to score in the same fashion.

Even with more than 10 possible matches remaining in the season, Lionel Messi has already secured 60 goals, which is also a record amongst the Spanish clubs. Johan Cruyff has won the World Player of the Year title three times in a row just as Lionel Messi has done recently.

However, the Dutchman believes that Lionel Messi is on a different planet when it comes to his competitors. At the start of the season, the Argentinean was one of the Betfair football Tips to win the FIFA World Player of the Year Award with his sublime play, and he has proved them right. Messi scored his first goal for Barcelona when he was just 17 years old. Now, the 24-year-old ace has many prime years ahead of him in football according to Cruyff.

For the world of football, he is a treasure because he is a role model for children around the world. In the space of half a metre he can move right or left a it is like he has the ball attached to his body. If he continues like this in the coming years, he will score so many goals he will never be surpassed,” Cruyff said about Lionel Messi in a recent interview with the Betfair Betting Tips website. Barca boss Pep Guardiola has also expressed his amazement of Messi.