Cruyff backed France to win world cup

Former Dutch legend Johan Cruyff said that France deserves to win the World Cup in Russia and that they were the best team in the tournament. He said that France has some good players with not only the skills but also the experience to win such a demanding tournament.

Johan Cruyff said that France has had some excellent player development program in place for quite some time now and that they are now reaping the benefits. He said that France players are not only good technically but also physically which makes it quite difficult to play against.

Johan Cruyff said that they have been consistent throughout the competition and this is the main reason why they have managed to win the tournament. He said that the French coach Didier Deschamps has successfully devised a strategy to get the best from his players and that that worked really well in Russia.

Johan Cruyff said that this is an important win for the French team as this showed that they are a good footballing nation and that they can win the World Cup on another soil apart their own.

Concerning Dutch football, Johan Cruyff said that the football federation should learn from their French counterpart. He said that there needs to be a good football development plan in the Netherlands to ensure that the players have the basic skills.

He said that there have been changes that have been made at the grassroots level and that we will need to wait to find out what the results will be. He said that it was a strange feeling to be missing the World Cup in Russia and that he hopes that the Dutch team will make it to the Euros. He said that this will be an evaluation of how their football is developing.