Cruyff Puts Barcalona Under Fire

According to several reports, Barcelona are set to offer super star Lionel Messi another new contract. This news comes as a major surprise considering that he signed a new deal only 12 months ago. Messi, who is about to turn 27 in June, has already signed seven contract renewals in the last 11 seasons. The new deal is expected to make him the player with the highest salary of around A? 15.5 million per year. The deal, though, is expected to significantly reward Barcelona because they will be now receiving a large portion of his image rights.

This will mean that Messi will be suffering a drop in overall income when compared with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, as Barcelona will not be pocketing his image rights. The new contract, though, has come under criticism from Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff, who thinks that the contract extension is unwarranted. Cruyff has been highly critical of the club in recent months. Gerardo Martino especially has come under fire from the legend, who famously formed the philosophy of the club. After having witnessed it come under distraction from the new manager, he says that the club should rethink their philosophy once again.

Cruyff was an advisor Barcelona for a few years before leaving his post.

“I never speak of who does or doesn’t deserve it, but I think that Barcelona have played quite well this season and they still have the chance to win the league, and therefore they also deserve it. The renewal of Messia��s contract is just a quick fix because all eyes were on him after the Neymar situation. But what about other players like Xavi who have also given everything to BarA�a? It’s not Neymar’s fault: he’s the victim; I don’t want to discredit him. His agent didn’t do things properly,a�? said the Dutchman.