Johan Cruyff has said that Pep Guardiola decided to resign from the post of Barcelona manager because he wanted to take a break from football management.

Guardiola had stepped down as the manager of Barcelona at the end of the last season. There have been reports that Guardiola wanted to release some high profile Barcelona players, but, he wasna��t allowed to do so. Thata��s why, he decided to quit. But, Cruyff doesna��t think so. When he was asked why Guardiola decided to resign, he said, a�?I think he wanted to have a bit of break. Football management is an intense job. And, if you are the manager of a big club, the job becomes even tougher. He had got tired mentally.a�?

a�?I met him a few days ago and he told me that he would take any decision about his future after a few months.a�?

The Barcelona team performed brilliantly and won a number of titles under the guidance of Guardiola. But, the exit of Guardiola doesna��t seem to have affected the performance of the team. Barca is performing equally well in the ongoing season under the guidance of its new manager Tito Vilanova.

Barcelona is at the top of the La Liga points table at the moment with 25 points in 9 matches. Barca is yet to lose a match in the ongoing La Liga.

When asked about the performance of the new Barca manager, Cruyff said, a�?Vilanova has been a part of the team since quite a while and he has a good tuning with the players. So, he was expected to do a good job as the manager. Things are going all right for him at the moment, but, his real test will come when some key Barca players lose form.a�?