Cryuff Remains A Mentor For Many

Players become mentors for future players as well as coaches. This instance is carried out well by Johan Cruyff.

He has become an inspiration for Pep Guardiola, the coach for Manchester City. The new coach credits Johan to be his mentor. He states that Johan has been his inspiration for a long time. The former boss of Bayern Munich and Barcelona credits Johan to be his mentor and for the inspiration he has on him. The new job has come to Premier League team and it involves a contract for three years. In Barca he has helped two Champions Leagues to be won as well as three titles from La Liga. There are three titles from Bundesliga that he is credited with. He states, however, that Cruyff provided advice that has helped him to put together teams that have won these matches. The influence that Johan has had on him is incredible. He feels that Johan has influenced other coaches in a similar way.

Cruyff may be no more since he died at the age of 68. He battled cancer and passed away in March this year. He had been known for the successes he obtained as a manager. He was able to steer Barca to gain several major titles in league games. There is a strong focus on developing the youth who play the game as well as defining a certain style of playing that applies to levels of different players in a club. Guardiola debuted as a player after he graduated from youth academy in 1990. He felt that Cruyff had considerable influence on him, helping him to understand that players are humans with emotions and that needs to be guided in the right direction to help them become winning players for the coming years.