Dick Advocaat is going to be in charge of the Dutch national soccer

Dick Advocaat is going to be in charge of the Dutch national soccer squad for the rest of their World Cup qualifying campaign.

The qualifying chances of the Dutch are hanging by a thin thread at the moment as they are far away from the first two spots in the points table of Group A.

It’s only if they are at no. 1 or no. 2 in the standings at the completion of the first round, they will have any chance of going to Russia, otherwise, they will have to suffer the embarrassment of not featuring in another big competition.

They had failed to secure their spot in the Euro Cup as well which had taken place the previous year.

The qualifying scenario for World Cup is such that if Netherlands manage to end up being the no. 1 in their group, they will qualify straightaway and won’t have to play any further games in that situation.

A no. 2 finish will send them to the playoffs where they will have to compete with the no. 2s of other groups.

Right now, the margin between Netherlands and Sweden which is holding the second position in Group A is of 3 points. There are 5 more games to be played by each team. So, there’s no reason why that margin can’t be covered by the Oranje.

But, their performances of course have to be better than how they have been of late and that’s why Advocaat has been roped in.

The Dutch federation is very clear in terms of the task that they have assigned to Advocaat. He will have to guide the team to the main draw of World Cup if he wants a long-term contract. Otherwise, it will be bye-bye shortly.