Dirk Kuyt’s top 5 Dutch heroes

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24 thoughts on “Dirk Kuyt’s top 5 Dutch heroes

  1. charilemahinehead

    fuck off did you not see him in the carling cup and tonite versus the shity england squad he is better than lampard any day

  2. LFCftw63

    @ThisIsMyZoneOnly are you kidding me? you really think he’s racist because he didnt chose one of them?

  3. kingfcx

    In your dreams mate, Sneijder is top player and he would only play for top team and that’s not the case at L’pool cos your team is League one team. Handerson, caroll, spearing Those players are your type of ones. below average players and then struggle to finish top 6.. ahaha

  4. xFootball2011x

    I am Dutch myself, but you cant compare RVP to the top 5 Dutch players ever… probably in top 10. I can see why he put Sneijder 4rth, I mean he is a beast, he is a TEAMPLAYER, and has very great passes and freekicks, and he puts the team on his back.

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