goal Johan Cruyff- (wonder goal)

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25 thoughts on “goal Johan Cruyff- (wonder goal)

  1. CassianoPampulha

    What is this???
    He made these kind of (a great) goal with a white ribbon in his hand !?!?

  2. Bucketheadhead

    This American fool is incapable of pronouncing his name or his teams name.

  3. AlmostEasy1702

    are americans incapable of using the soft J sound or any real grammer? Its pronounced AYE-YAX, it aint difficult!
    Some goal but never as good as that neck high backheel flick, the phantom goal 😉

  4. XBillums

    @latimer47 – While he was away at the 74 World Cup, is family was involved in a kidnapping incident. As a result, his wife wouldn’t let him leave in 78. It’s a shame, but there’s no way you can blame that on Cruyff.

  5. swissdeath13

    Maradona was fast and agile, pele was accurate and got good dribble skills
    CRUIJF got everything hes fast hes agile hes very accurate he got brain, skills and is the best footballer ever walked the earth.

  6. XBillums

    Who the fuck is the commentator? That nasal American accent, pronouncing if “Eyjax,” “Criyffs”…ruins the video. What an ass.

  7. amacnaughton85

    What a tool this commentator is! Ey-jax?? Ajax is pronounced eye-axe! And it’s not Christ, or Cruyffs with an s, it’s freaking Cruyff.

  8. lindo222222

    nobody but cruyff can control the ball that well and and even catch it befor the defence, is technically a perfect goal, and we`ll never see something like that becose technique and speed cant be together but only in a few players, and not even messi or cristiano mastered it like cruyff, not to mention that is a movement that only the most creative players can do (bergkamp, zidane) players like those always have in their mind the right move, and knows the best time to do. its not just skill

  9. ZapateroBosse

    Search in Youtube:
    Emilio Butragueño: La leyenda blanca 3ª parte
    (and others parts)

  10. jpsheeha

    It’s not his most memorable goal. The “phantom goal” back heal he scored neck high for Barcelona against Athletico Madrid was more famous and better.

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