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Article by Linda Mc Cain Smith

Talking about culture in Amsterdam is talking about museums. The city has more than fifty museum of all kind. One of the most important is Rembrandt Museum. In fact, this museum was the RembrandtA?a��a�?s house where he lived from 1639 to 1658. The building was opened as a museum in commemoration to the great artist in 1911. However, much of his works can be seen also in Rijksmuseum.

It is preferable to visit cultural places in the morning because during these hours the public affluence is less. DonA?a��a�?t forget this recommendation. If you have another question, you should go to Hotels Amsterdam where the professional staff will help you. Ask for a good promotion.

A good option to enjoy of the environment is visit the Vondelpark. ItA?a��a�?s the largest park in Amsterdam and definitely the most popular park in the Netherlands. Vondelpark welcomes about 10 million visitors every year and it is located south of Leidseplein and near of the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and Van Gogh Museum. Everybody enjoy Vondelpark, both Dutch as tourists. DonA?a��a�?t miss the opportunity of visit it, there, youA?a��a�?ll feel very comfortable like in Hotels Amsterdam.

If you are hungry, there are many options to enjoy typical Amsterdam food. Usually, Amsterdam cuisine is fusion with foreign cuisine like Chinese and Indonesian food. If you consider that restaurantA?a��a�?s prices are expensive, you also can eat in Hotels Amsterdam because some rooms include meals.

In Amsterdam as all European city, soccer is the sport with more fans. A competitive championship attracts a large number of followers. The Teams more popular in the Netherlands are Ajax and PSV Eindhoven. Ajax is the team of Amsterdam and one of the most recognized in the entire world. There is a museum in the AjaxA?a��a�?s stadium where you can see the rich history of this soccer club and a complete biography of Johan Cruyff, the best soccer player in the HollandA?a��a�?s history.

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