Johan Cruijff best goals

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25 thoughts on “Johan Cruijff best goals

  1. dany14R

    @Panoso0 is simple: when i day i will be father i will don’t like speak why one of the best player of history like drugs. Cruijff is not only a player, is a man.

  2. Panoso0

    @dany14R if maradona took drugs means that he wasnt a good player? there is no point in your comment!!!and scoring with hands doesnt means your are bad but that you are so good they cant even see you use your hands to score !

  3. MrGameGuy97

    @apara93 another thing that me makes me proud to be Dutch! (including weed…) lol

  4. dfstarborn

    Easy tiger relax and don’t stress lol have nice day they say there’s up to 10,000 dead now in Japan and here are are getting all hot under the collar over a football player. Peace and God bless you,

  5. boerenkoolhutspot

    @dfstarborn I’m not mad….I’m disappointed…Stop getting high and be gone wanker!

  6. JesusChristusDominus

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  7. apara93

    Johan Cruyff is the best player that has ever lived. Sure Maradona had his dribbling skills and Pelé could score goals but Johan Cruyff had it all. He was like a mixture of Xavi,Zidane,Messi and other players. There will never be a player like him ever again.

  8. Amidat

    @vampirofdead – doesn’t really matter when a player plays…. you adapt to the game. If he grew up now he would have trained accordingly… Skill – vision – creativity are things that translate in any era.

  9. Amidat

    can’t understand how someone who calls themself a football fan could have disliked this video….

  10. whackyronu

    like his head goals, He outjump defenders, Cruijff is really not tall. He no need hands like maradona

  11. cesarjom

    cruyff remins one of the smartest players with the best touch on ball to have played the game!

  12. ewijn

    There will never be a soccer player who can even get close to the level that Johan Cruijf played, He was so good that he made the whole team play better and I can’t think of any players who were that good in the past 50 years.

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