Johan Cruijff, the Legend

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  1. MareIngenii

    @whackyronu Well I see now that I was mistaken to assume that a calm and factual exchange with you might be possible. I actually only responded because your statement “he was a genius, not seeing this highlights” (?!) is meaningless gibberish, and I was interested enough to sincerely ask back what you meant. But you didn’t clarify and I couldn’t care less now.

  2. whackyronu

    @MareIngenii please stop, i saw him play, and i know and THE REST OF THE WORLD KNOWS , he is one of the best all time. If you say this. yOU NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE GAME.

  3. MareIngenii

    @whackyronu: One thing still: Another point why I didn’t see the allegedly geniuslike skills in many of these clips is that (in many of them) the defenders’ behaviour simply looks ridiculous by modern standards. There’s a number of scenes here where they just jog around like unparticipating spectators wishing Cruijff good luck as he strolls by. Some of it (not all of it, certainly) one simply cannot take seriously by modern standards.

  4. MareIngenii

    @whackyronu: I’m not sure I understand what you meant in in your first sentence. Are you admitting that one doesn’t get a good idea of his genius from the brief clips compiled here?
    He does remind me of Thomas Müller when I see the footage (not a bad thing, surely, disregarding the fact that Müller is going through a typical early-career dent right now). The same lanky manner of stumbling his way through opponent defences, but also the same feeling for space on the pitch.

  5. whackyronu

    @MareIngenii he was a genius, not seeing this highlights. But he was unstoppable with ajax, and barcalona and with the dutch force of ’74. Not with dribbling, but with view, pace. He could read the game. Made teams better

  6. MareIngenii

    I just don’t get what it is about this guy that has people put him on a level with Pele, Maradona, Zidane, or even above (are you serious?!). Have watched this compilation to try and understand it, but I don’t see it. There are some very nice scenes here, but hardly anything of the stellar elegance seen in an assist by Ozil or Xavi, with a steep, surgical 30m pass taking out 5 or 6 players at once. Cruyff’s jerky movements look effective but hardly geniuslike.

  7. zezizarjaars

    Back then the ball was simply 1,5 times as heavy as it is nowadays, so barely anyone kicked the ball hard because when you shot it hard you just broke your own feed insteed of kicking the ball far and hard.
    Just softly kick a bowling ball once then you will understand what I’m saying ;).
    Johan was in fact a lot better as the vids of back then seem like they just didn’t have good camera’s and footballs like they have nowadays


    Best of all time! I only regret that I was not born at his time and that i could not see him, but judging by the stories of my grandfather and father, and the videos that I’ve seen on youtube, I realized that he had and he allways will be the best player in the world…

  9. thijsjuve

    @yoshibros123456 bedankt voor dit grote compliment 😀 en nogmaals, ik heb zet zelf samengesteld uit beelden van iemand anders… (weet niet wie, is inmiddels 5 jaar geleden ofzo..)

  10. yoshibros123456

    @thijsjuve als jij dit filmpje echt hebt zelf gecompileerd(heel bekend filmpje van cruyff btw!!) dan verdien je gwn al een standbeeld voor iedereen met dit materiaal te verwennen. je houd niet alleen een legende in leven,maar voor mensen zoals ikzelf die het helaas nooit live hebbe mogen meemake is dit echt elke seconde genieten van de genialiteit dat die man had en uitstraalde !! bedankt thijs !!

  11. TSRF

    @chulinisme cruijff made beckenbauer his bitch thats says enough about his qualitys , back then in the 70’s beckenbauer was the best defender BY FAR

  12. chulinisme


    In the 70’s, defenders were only thinking about how to break your legs. Now, they have evolved so much (thx to people like Maldini, Baresi, Facchetti etc), they try stand up as much as possible. But Cruijff was so fucking good… i thnik he would have adapted himself. And wow, i didn’t realise he was so fast…

  13. thijsjuve

    Het is onmogelijk dat je deze compilatie in 2005 gezien hebt. Ik heb deze gemaakt voor een spreekbeurt in mei 2007, en, ook al lijk je zeer zeker van jezelf, ik kan je zeggen dat ik deze video zelf gemaakt heb. De beelden heb ik overigens wel van internet. Of je het nu wil geloven of niet, ik ben de maker van de video. Ik zou je zelfs het moviemaker bestand willen sturen. Ik verzoek je wel om een link met de video van 2005 te sturen.


  14. fedorvanmegen

    Johan Cruyff was as a player and coach the best. And for sure he would be the best today, by far.The only thing is that every great player in history has won the WK. And in 74 we were the best and played outstanding football but well you know. That might be the only reason that a maradona or pele is considerred better. J.C RULED!!!

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