Johan Cruyff

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  1. Skogen14

    Ehm, Alfredo di Stefano? He was everything Cruyff was, and was a better header of the ball. Plus the fact that he wasnt the control freak Cruyff were. He was a natural born leader, but still able to hear other players oppinions.

  2. peterk87

    It would be good if someone put a whole match where cruyff was playing (besides the WC final)

  3. klaassss

    When you have seen him play, the total match, you’ll know Johan Cruijff is the best. He just had it all… Those other players were also good, but didn’t have the feeling the wisdom and originality.


    Always these discussions about who was the best ever. In my opimion every decade it’s top players. But the top 10 in my humble opinion will be: Pele, Cruyff, Maradona, Zidane, Ronaldo, van Basten, Eusebio, Gullit, Zico, Beckenbauer

  5. Cribocop

    1- Pelé, 2- Cruyff, 3- Beckenbauer, 4- Maradona, 5- Di Stefano, 6- Baresi, 7- Mathaus, 8- Gullit, 9- Zidane, 10- Eusebio. THE TOP TEN WORLD FOOTBALL RANK

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