Johan Cruyff Compilation

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19 thoughts on “Johan Cruyff Compilation

  1. dannyvanstrien

    1 van de beste Voetballers Aller Tijden van de Wereld Johan Cruyff

    1 van de beste Trainers Aller Tijden van de Wereld Johan Cruyff

    Vriendelijke Groeten Danny van Strien

  2. Standardfrank

    pablotjob – obviously you have no idea what Pele achieved in football. Maradona sadly was not peerless during his era, Cruyff, Muller, Beckenbauer & above all Pele were. Pele outrank every player in all facets of football and in achievement. Maradona did not conquer his peers during his career…but like David Beckham has had undeserved media attention and yet he is not a supergreat. Check Pele out pre 67/68 before he stopped dribbling to avoid opponents crushing his legs. Pele has no unequal!

  3. pablotjob

    johan was a genious!!!!! MARADONA FIRST, PELE SECONd and the next one is JOHAN… the video is fantastic, i could see his goals as a feyenoord player….i’d aldo like to see his first goals at ajax in the beginning of his career as a player in the earlies 60’s…are there any TV image of those years????

  4. raikage90

    not just a great player..he was one of the ..if not the best player to ever grace the game

  5. watishet

    dit is en leuke stuk. ik ben fan van cruijff
    ik ben pas 12 maar ik heb en dvd van hem en
    kon geweldig voetballen en de muziek was mooi

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