Johan Cruyff dribbling 4 in Washington Diplomats-Regateando4

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17 thoughts on “Johan Cruyff dribbling 4 in Washington Diplomats-Regateando4

  1. FrsBigeasy

    I refer to the United as the Diplomats because that fits Washington as well as America better. United is more of a British Soccer nickname.

  2. mitsupitsu44

    He was one of the best players in the world and the best dutch player of all times, even arjan robben cannot play the way this soccer legend could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. lalolaluna

    Contra que equipo jugaba??.. hasta un equipo amateur tiene mejor marca ….buen gol de todas formas xD

  4. rodriserv

    na boa ,mas ninguem marcava nada naquela epoca ,o futebol era muito fraco ,hoje o negocio é completamente diferente!

  5. nimra74

    I was in the RFK staduim that night. (july 1980). I could not believe my eyes, that i was watching the greatest footballer of all time, up close and live….

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