Johan Cruyff dribbling compilation

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  1. isayn0

    Do you people know Johan Cruyff smoked 2 to1 pack of cigarrette and not only that he did not attend most of the practice with his club team and he was usually ditching or not participating in most activity with his club. but why is he a great player? well the video shows why but this FREAKEN GUY smoked and played SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no one can do that in the professional league!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. mitsupitsu44

    @TOYZINDAHOOD yeah,cruyff in my opinion was a better player then maradonna,but that is my personal opinion!!!!

  3. Atlixco1984

    You can’t say the defenders were bad at that time! It was just different way of playing and I agree you can’t compare players when they play in different conditions

  4. ftlptba

    the defenders was too bad in that time also football,{come on guys football has made a 180turn u cant compare players from other ages ,when u understand that u ll find peace!

  5. aspey99

    I think the irony is that Cruyff would be thought of better had he won a world cup, but the Dutch 1974 team is remembered more fondly for not winning it.

  6. maurimyt

    si q raro Pele nunca hablo de Cruyff, siempre se estrelllo con maradona, por q será quizas Pele sabia q Cruyff era mejor q él, puede ser para mi Cruyff y Pele los mejores del futbol

  7. mitsupitsu44

    in his time cruijf was one of the best players in the world, for shure,but maradonna was a world class player too in his time(1980-ties)

  8. cyberslick18

    @TOYZINDAHOOD Maradonna was better in my opinion. Cruyff was amazing, but only in the context of the people he was playing with. They were the first team to really modern football techniques and formations, and as such dominated.

    Back then, defenders just charged right at you, so it wasn’t too hard for a smart young guy like Johan to beat them.

    Maradonna is better because he was in a much more competitive environment, and still managed to shine. Maradonna is a scumbag though, Cruyff is class.

  9. amn175

    I think i am the best player in the century
    no maradona no pele no cruijff

  10. whackyronu

    @jigar001 are you insane Pele is better than Maradona, Cruijff didn’t need to dribble to pass his oponent, his ball conrol is one of a kind, his pace never seen before.

  11. jigar001

    he is better than Pele ,but cant compare to maradonna if talks about dribbling ,ball control ,and pace.

  12. DBHASA

    @jovi141 lol dude you can’t say whos better if you look for single games.. thats just idiotic.. the first thing is that you cant compare pele to them because he played a different position.. Between Maradona and Cruyff i would say that Cruyff had more speed but maradona was techniqual better, both world class players but i really hate it if people compare them after they seen some youtube videos and say he or he was better…

  13. jovi141

    @DKlucas5 pele and crijgff are together the best ;), when maradona was playing against italy 82 he was teacled al the time . cruijf and pele where i think to fast for the italians so there the best :).

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