Johan Cruyff Dribbling Compilation

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25 thoughts on “Johan Cruyff Dribbling Compilation

  1. tanim0161

    @nguyenhunglam1604 -fifa award is not only for good playing but also scoring highest goals….Messi did that…even he is best in assist…no dout xavi is one of the key player…but messi is really god….

  2. blainetrain

    Youth of today take note: The man does not fall down after being tackled. C Ronaldo will be remembered as an amazing footballer, there is no doubt. But this man is a different class of legend.

  3. TheLiquidBlaze

    Pele, Cruijf, Maradonna wouldnt been that great if they played in the present. I bet you all if messi or c.ronaldo would been alive in there era. the would have own everyone. Football was in that time so slow and the defenders where shit.

  4. truesemite

    twenty three retarded people who buy fifa’s and the media’s bullshit about
    Pele being the best player of all time disliked this video

  5. arsenalondonorth

    @KutscheetAmsterDam shit, i already have same problem and i know cruyff is much more better ever than van persie. actually i want to say that van persie dribble style is same with him. that’s all.

  6. KutscheetAmsterDam

    @arsenalondonorth Johan Cruyff was much better than Van Persie,but when Van Persie rapes young woman doggy style they always Kutscheet.

  7. semperficore10

    READ POST BEFORE THIS ONE FIRST.. ** 1. Zinedine Yazid Zidane 2. Hendrik Johannes Cruijff 3. Romario de Souza Faria

  8. semperficore10

    Cruijff would have to be the best winger/forward/striker Ever! But Zizou was the best midfielder Ever! Even though Cruijff played almost every position including some attacking midfielder it wasn’t HIS position if you know what I mean. In my opinion the two best ever. If I was forming a team I would have Zidane playing mid and Johan Cruijff upfront. Two footballers who can do it all, they just are players in different positions. My opinion.. All Around Greatest Footballers. 1. Zinedine Yazid Zi

  9. moluksefreefighter01

    @sethywethyshow beckenbauer is still a legend! no one in the game 2day can play the position he played! he played as a sweeper , but dominated the midfield to! the only 1 who comes close to beckenbAuer 2day is Sergio Busquets of barca! but still he was no match for beckenbauer!

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