Johann Cruyff

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    1-johan cruyff
    4-george best

    e olha q eu sou brasileiro!!


    Realmente um grande jogador. Faco parte dos melhores de sempre. Pele, Romario, Ronaldo, Cruyff, Zidane, Maradona, van Basten, di Stefano. Meu top 8. Cada um com seus characteristicas,

  3. ro140fa

    my favorites:
    1. cruyff
    2. cruyff
    3. cruyff
    4. di stefano
    5. pele’
    6. best
    7. maradona
    8. puskas
    9. beckembauer
    10. van basten

  4. Fatallica1985

    un grane homme il a refusé d’aller à la coupe du monde 1978 pour résté aupres de sa femme malade

  5. royseahawks

    best player ever in my opinion , 3 euro cups with ajax as a kid , says it all, who was the guy he did the cruyff turn on ?

  6. mizofan

    I loved that great Dutch team of the 70’s, that should have won 1 if not 2 world cups, beaten by bad luck and home advantage. Cruyff, Pelé, Maradona; not much to choose between them, they had different strengths, but Cruyff was a brilliant general for both Ajax and Holland. Not just dribbling skill, i remember he destroyed England at Wembley with his passing.

  7. Ajax1Amsterdam

    You guys mention his dribbling skills, but his strongest point is turning (off course) and his acceleration. When he accelerated, he could make annother acceleration during that same dribble.

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