Louis Van Gaal stopped Criticising Fixtures

Dutch legend Johan Cruyffhas said that it is time that the Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal stopped criticising about the fixture pileup during the Christmas period in England. Van Gaal has been experiencing the Christmas tradition in England for first-time.

This involves playing in a lot of matches over a very short period of time. Despite not being involved in any cup competitions, United found themselves playing against Tottenham at White Hart Lane less than 48 hours of playing Newcastle United on Boxing Day. A number of stars have responded to Van Gaala��s constant moaning of the fixture pileup.

Cruyff is the latest to voice his opinions and he says that the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager has enough experience in game to be able to cope with the short turnaround times between matches. Hence, he should stop trying to bring excuses to the table.

United have been on a good run of form for the last few months, but they have been struggling of late. After the draw against Aston Villa, they have had stalemates against Tottenham and Stoke City in the last few weeks. United progressed to the fourth round of the FA cup with a comfortable 2-0 win over Yeovil Town.

a�?It has been working [well] since time immemorial and in 100 years it will still be so.Complaining makes no sense if everyone else around you is happy. Moreover, everybody is well paid for working over the holiday period. If you choose [a job in] England, then you choose for their successful system, which is based on the proposition that the stadiums open as soon as the fans are available to watch, which is the holiday period. Playing football between Christmas and New Year is a war of attrition and thus in favour of physically stronger teams,a�? said Cruyff.