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  1. rakvin91

    when modric doesnt play for croatia they never play as good, and i dont feel confident when he isnt there. same as for tottenham..he is rated in the world..heaps of clubs wanted him, he could of been at barcelona…

  2. milllybob

    @faceplant527 passionate aren’t you, see a player on youtube and immediately want them to come to united, that what real passion is, right there eh?

  3. WankingForCoins

    If he ever leaves us I WILL cry, especially if he does a Berbatov and fucks off to United. He is absolutely world class, my fave Spurs player for many years. I personally dont reckon there’s much between him and the likes of Andres Iniesta.

  4. pacationnine

    favortie player by far, hes to under the radar but he can practicly fit in any team in the world!

  5. FireBeast4X

    Er, when i went to see spurs v newcastle he actually set up bale on his left with a through ball. Bore off

  6. jimmybannus23

    Luka is pure CLASSSSSS. Already a Spurs legend after only a few seasons at the club. He makes the team tick when hes in it. Always want to get on the ball and make things happen. He is probably even more important to Spurs than Bale or VDV. Lovely video really enjoyed watching it. Hope the recovery is going well for him and he is back on the pitch before too long. Big shout out to our other 2 croatians who helped us get an important win on Saturday. Great goal by Niko kranjcar!!

  7. Loizou8Lampard8

    @SamBarakat18UIO, you made me laugh on that comment thats how i felt when zola left, sad times, im a chelsea fan, and im wish he played for us, but i gotta give it to tottenham, this guy is so class, every part of his game is defined by the word ” class”. hope he has a long career and maybeeeee makes the switch to west london. 😉

  8. SouthyMandem

    @croooooot – He’s one of my favourite players, he reminds me of Scholes with his passing and ability.

  9. bradleydicks99

    1- messi
    2- c.ronaldo
    3- xavi
    4- modric
    5- bale
    6- van der vaart
    7- nani
    8- rooney


  10. jpopcorn

    Possibly the most under stated player in the premiership. In European terms he’d fit in to FCB easily, but at spurs he’s becoming a different kind of legend. Loved by the educated fans of football. a subtle genius who’s impact will be remembered and revered for a long time to come. The right player to put spurs back into the glory nights.

  11. bloodmercs

    @financebiz You know fuck all about football mate, Bale is good, great even but Modric is without a doubt our key player. Bale is probablly 3rd in terms of importance to us after Modric and then VDV.

  12. HeLeX63

    @financebiz Fuck you. Mate GET SOMETHING IN YOUR HEAD. In football, its not just about passing the ball, you’re saying NOW, you have to pass it 50left 50 right, NO, you pass the ball where ever the best spot is to pass. so what if he doesn’t pass it to Bale, he actually does, I don’t know what game you were watching. Bale is good, but Modric MADE MADE MADE MADE TOttenham who they are today, there’s no denying that!

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