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Sandro Rosell has resigned from being the president of Barcelona after an emergency board meeting was made at the Nou Camp. Everything is involving the transfer of Neymar from Santos to Barcelona with speculation rising about what the actual price paid by the Catalan and where that money did ultimately arrive.

Rosell has always said that the amount paid for the Brazilian player was a��47 million which was divided in the following manner, a��14 million to Santos and a��33 million to the company owned by the playera��s father which is called N&N. But when the club member, Jordi Casas asked Rosell about the payment to N&N, he was ignored and later went to the courts.

After all of the paperwork and contracts was shown, the total fee actually adds up to a��82 million. With some payments going to Brazil for them to continue developing new talents while another payment actually went to find new commercial partners for Barcelona.

Another incident that is being disputed is that in a contract which was signed back in 2011, stated that Barcelona would purchase Neymar in 2014 when his contract would be over and he became a free-agent but after everything was said and done, the money was actually paid in 2013 when the Brazilian player was still partly owned by Santos and Rosell says this was a penalty payment for breaking the agreement with N&N to sign the player in 2014 but this is disputed.

On his resignation Rosell said that threats and accusations ultimately left him with no choice but step down from his position of president of the club.

“The success the club has had has also come along with difficult moments for myself and my family. There have been threats and accusations which make you consider your position including the claim of misappropriation of funds and the court case. I’ve always stated that we acted correctly with the Neymar transfer.” Rosell said.

Rosell will be replaced by Bartomeu until the next elections are made.


Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff has said that Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo is so good that he will be able to play for Barcelona. It is widely accepted that Barcelona are currently the best team in the world. One of the reasons they have been extremely brilliant in the last few seasons has been their midfield. Xavi and Iniesta have made it possible for Lionel Messi and Villa to work their magic upfront. Johan Cruyff has been an influential figure in Barcelona ever since retiring from playing. He has said that Andrea Pirlo is so good that he might even play regularly for Barcelona in the midfield.

The 32-year-old Italian midfielder has been one of the key reasons for Juventus winning the title for the first time since 2003. In addition to this, Juventus have also had an undefeated season in the Italian Serie A. It has helped them overcome the powerhouse of Milan with ease. Following their 2-0 win over Cagliari during the weekend, their first title in nine years was finally confirmed. It has also resulted in glowing praise coming in for Andrea Pirlo, who AC Milan thought was finished only in the last summer. As a result, they let the Italian midfielder leave on a free transfer after 10 years at the San Siro.

a�?Juve play some good football. They are attacking and entertaining. Winning is not the only thing that counts, playing well does too. Theya��ve come a long way since 2006 [Serie B demotion] and this victory is the right reward for their efforts. Pirlo is a great, the ball does what he wants, and he could also play for Barcelona. Del Piero, like Gigi Buffon, has Juventus in him. He went down to Serie B with them and then returned. Ita��s hard to explain what he represents for the club,a�? he said.

Cruyff: Barca will go for the Win

Barcelona will be taking on Real Madrid in one of the most important El Clasico’s of recent times. Real Madrid are threatening to bring an end to the hat-trick of titles Barcelona have won in Spain. They currently hold a six-point advantage over the reigning Spanish and European Champions.

Due to the way both Real Madrid and Barcelona dominate the domestic league, it is really tough to find the matches in which Real Madrid will drop six points for Barcelona too close the gap. The El Clasico’s importance comes here because it is one of the few matches that could help Barcelona to reduce the deficit.

Johan Cruyff believes that Barcelona will not be setting out for a stalemate with the two sides face this weekend. He says that Barcelona have always played in the El Clasico with a view of winning the match more than anything else. The gap between the two clubs is currently down to 3 points because Barcelona have made up an extra game over Real Madrid. Hence, they will have the psychological advantage going into those match because they can go level on points with Real Madrid should they win the match. Further, the victory becomes extremely important when you consider that Barcelona will be going out to Japan to play in the Club World Cup, which will allow Real Madrid to improve their difference even better.

“The favourite to win? I can only say that Barcelona always play to win against Madrid. We’ll see on Saturday who comes out victorious. It’s only a game and nothing more than that. A win for Madrid wouldn’t all of a sudden mean that they are now the dominant team.” The Clasico won’t be decisive. There are so many games left. Nothing that happens on Saturday will be decisive in the title race,” Cruyff was quoted as saying by AS.

a�?@nanawireko: Johan Cruyff: Ajax board has no understanding of football http://t.co/xjolSSt | guy is a total jerk!a�?> you white, he Barca.

a�?@nanawireko: Johan Cruyff: Ajax board has no knowing of football http://t.co/xjolSSt | man is a total jerk!a�?&gt you white, he Barca. – by niilexis (Nii Koufie-Amartey)