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Johan Cruyff has won a major battle in his efforts to stop Louis van Gaal from becoming the general manager of Ajax. Louis van Gaal recently took over as the general manager of Ajax. He is the person who does not get along well with Johan Cruyff. Johan Cruyff is regarded as a legend that Ajax for the way he has shaped the entire history of the club not only as a player, but also as a manager as well. It is thought that the arrival of Louis van Gaal will make Johan Cruyff less powerful at the club. As a result, the former Barcelona player was extremely keen on preventing Louis van Gaal from becoming the general manager of Ajax.

He has now won the court case, which has come in favour of Johan Cruyff. According to the judgement, Louis van Gaal will be stepping down as the general manager of Ajax. In a strange development, Johan Cruyff also announced his resignation from the post as the sporting director of the club. However, he is expected to be reinstated as the sporting director of Ajax due to the fact that most of the Ajax board are unofficial supporters of Johan Cruyff and his ideologies.

“The coaches from the training centre are all former club players. I’ve always been 200percent behind this project and I maintain that it’s very important for the club,” said Cruyff in a recent interview. Johan Cruyff’s decision to stop the arrival of Louis van Gaal at the club was backed by more than 15 of the club’s staff at the training centre. Cruyff has been the centre of Ajax for more than 30 years now. He was influential in providing power to former players like Dennis Bergkamp, and it seems that the arrival of Louis van Gaal would have reduced his powerful at the club.


Former Barcelona manager and player Johan Cruyff has said that Lionel Messi will be winning more Ballon d’Or awards in the future. Lionel Messi, who is regarded as the greatest player currently in the world, won the third Ballon d’Or title of his career ahead of Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo and his own Barcelona teammate Xavi.

He won almost 50 percentage of the votes at the ceremony held in ZA?rich, Switzerland. After winning the title, Johan Cruyff has said that it is not surprising that Lionel Messi has won it for the third time in his career and that one should also not be surprised if he wins many more in the future.

Johan Cruyff is one of the few players to have won the prestigious Ballon d’Or award three times. He, however, has said that there is no surprise in the fact that Lionel Messi has managed to equal his achievements. Johan Cruyff is also widely regarded to be the greatest ever player for Barcelona, who also went on to manage the team as well. Currently, his philosophies dominate the club, which has been winning almost every trophy it contests in the last two or three years. Naturally, it has led to comparisons with the team he managed to build during his managerial career at the camp Nou.

a�?He has already won two and he will be the player with the most Ballons d’Or in history. He does not have the support of players like [Andres] Iniesta, Xavi or Cesc [Fabregas], who make Messi be even more mind-blowing than he already is. Being the player that he is, he can still won many more. He will win five, six or seven,” Johan Cruyff told Ole after Lionel Messia��s triumph at this prestigious awards ceremony.


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Cruyff: Barca will go for the Win

Barcelona will be taking on Real Madrid in one of the most important El Clasico’s of recent times. Real Madrid are threatening to bring an end to the hat-trick of titles Barcelona have won in Spain. They currently hold a six-point advantage over the reigning Spanish and European Champions.

Due to the way both Real Madrid and Barcelona dominate the domestic league, it is really tough to find the matches in which Real Madrid will drop six points for Barcelona too close the gap. The El Clasico’s importance comes here because it is one of the few matches that could help Barcelona to reduce the deficit.

Johan Cruyff believes that Barcelona will not be setting out for a stalemate with the two sides face this weekend. He says that Barcelona have always played in the El Clasico with a view of winning the match more than anything else. The gap between the two clubs is currently down to 3 points because Barcelona have made up an extra game over Real Madrid. Hence, they will have the psychological advantage going into those match because they can go level on points with Real Madrid should they win the match. Further, the victory becomes extremely important when you consider that Barcelona will be going out to Japan to play in the Club World Cup, which will allow Real Madrid to improve their difference even better.

“The favourite to win? I can only say that Barcelona always play to win against Madrid. We’ll see on Saturday who comes out victorious. It’s only a game and nothing more than that. A win for Madrid wouldn’t all of a sudden mean that they are now the dominant team.” The Clasico won’t be decisive. There are so many games left. Nothing that happens on Saturday will be decisive in the title race,” Cruyff was quoted as saying by AS.

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