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Football Kits, Shaving & Funny Rituals-Part 1 Of Fun Football Superstitions

Article by Jackie De Burca

Some men and women are superstitious whereas other folks consider it ridiculous. Football is rife with superstitions, several of which are very amusing. Consider for instance the luck of football kits PelA�, the Brazilian legend, as soon as sent a pal of his to uncover a fan to whom he had presented a single of his football shirts, as he wasn’t taking part in nicely. About a week later on his pal arrived back and gave him the shirt and PelA� was back on sort once more. What he didn’t know is that his friend did not discover the shirt so have him 1 that he had worn in a earlier match.

Recognized in Spain as San Casillas (Saint Casillas), the Spanish goalkeeper, Iker Casillas shaved off his beard right after the 2010 World Cup win more than Honduras as he realised he hadn’t had a beard for the victorious Euro 2008 campaign. Spain then went on the win the Earth Cup 2010.

Maradona who is famously superstitious has often been seen pacing about, with rosary beads in his fingers in the course of a match but he went a single action additional for the 2010 Football Earth Cup. He apparently deemed that his grandson was his ‘cabala’ (lucky charm) so stated grandson Benjamin was flown into South Africa for this function.

A single of his predecessors Carlos Bilardo, who guided Argentina to Globe Cup victory in 1986, had a wonderful variety of superstitions. He faithfully carried a statue of the Virgin Mary to every single match and believed that newlywed brides had been central to achievement. Bilardo banned his staff from consuming chicken as he felt that this brought bad luck.

In Mexico in the group stages, the Argentinian group bus broke down en route to a match so they had to get taxis. As they then went on to win this match Bilardo saw a connection involving the mode of transport and winning, so he insisted that the team continued to get taxis for the remainder of the tournament.

The Dutch football legend, Johan Cruyff, whilst taking part in at Ajax employed to slap his goalie, Gert Bals, in the abdomen and then spit his chewing gum into the opposition’s 50 percent just before kick-off. In 1969 in the final of the European cup, Cruyff had forgotten his chewing gum and Ajax lost to Milan 4-one.

Queens Park Rangers Supervisor, Neil Warnock, has a superstition that could prove harmful. If they are on a winning run he will cease his car at each single set of traffic lights, even when the lights are green!

These are just a number of of the several entertaining football superstitions, from not eating chicken to PelA�’s football kit concerns.

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