The best penalty in the world!

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25 thoughts on “The best penalty in the world!

  1. bordkrijt

    @LadyintheWater13 I dont think its legal in soccer, but it is legal in football πŸ™‚

  2. adecadewithoutlove

    @TheEvansky you can’t be offside if the ball is passed backwards. the offside line becomes the point from where the ba;; is passed from πŸ™‚

  3. Ciselnak1

    @TheEvansky if bouth players of atacking team are between goalkeeper and last defender, then the pass from one to other is not offside

  4. Ciselnak1

    @TheEvansky that is true but it can not be offside because the second player is in the same place (between goalkeeper and the last man)

  5. TheEvansky

    When the backpass is made, isn’t Cruyff between the second last and the last man (Goalkeeper)?

  6. ghune

    A funny penalty:

    I remember this penalty when Ronaldinho was playing in France (PSG) against a very good goalkeeper who is famous because he really likes penalties (he’s always crazy). The goalkeeper was standing on the left side of the net and Ronaldinho made a big mistake.
    This goalkeeper (Landreau) had balls… and it worked.


  7. stync11

    Nice done by Cruijff! Although he was NOT the inventor of taking a penalty like this! It was Belgian legend Rik Coppens who did this for the first time in 1957 in an international friendly against Iceland together with AndrΓ© Piters.

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