TV3 – Gol a gol: Entrevista a Johan Cruyff

25 thoughts on “TV3 – Gol a gol: Entrevista a Johan Cruyff

  1. WiccansEatShit

    Johan Cruyff es de los jugadores mas completos de la historia.
    Mucho del futbol total se lo debemos a el!!!

  2. MrAmerican92

    @zezizarjaars I agree completely, Barca, thanks to Johan Cruyff, beat the state. H e was a special player with a talent only few will ever match.

  3. joker0187

    stfu troll
    go argue somewhere else lousy cock sucking faggot……………

  4. zezizarjaars

    Johan only needed to show his face to let a team play better…
    in 70, 71, 72 and 73 he won what’s nowadays called the Champions legue with Ajax.
    Then he went to Barcalona, the Barca that has never been as bad as it was at that moment and right after that he became the hero that won with 5-0 from Real Madrid that was actually sponsered by the state! He has beaten the state!
    Where Cruyff shows face will end up as a winner.
    He showed his face to ajax again in December so now Ajax will raise…

  5. gobluesgogo

    @dubian99 excuses, escuses… watch the featured video on my channel and tell me where did cruyff made runs like that.

  6. gobluesgogo

    @dubian99 Go to my page and watch my feat. video and then show me where Cruyff made runs like that. Rest my case.

  7. dubian99

    @gobluesgogo players like Cruyff, Maradona, don’t need tricks to go past players,and so didn’t perform them, Cruyff would pass 3 consecutive players in 5 strides unbalancing them with his space awareness and timing and speed while CR7 would still be doing chops and shuffles with his first opponent, that is the craft/ magic u don’t appreciate, not tricks, less is more

  8. HoumaneNL

    @gobluesgogo That is not possible. There are some rare clips of him on youtube. Cruyff is not much on YT because he’s not from this time. Look at games, its the same; FIFA 2001: 5 videos and FIFA 11: over 9000 videos

  9. gobluesgogo

    @HoumaneNL But recording cameras were invented and his games are recorded. I’ve seen plenty of compilations of Cruyff playingtimes. His runs, his dribbles, his goals. Show me his magic. Choose his top 5 and ‘ll bring CR7 top 5. Pick one for runs with the ball, one for goals, freekicks, tricks yu name it. Bring it on, let’s d this.

  10. gobluesgogo

    @HoumaneNL I will not only dare, I will take the time to bring you proof too. Bring it on… bring the best video comps by Cruyff and I shall do the same with CR7. We’ll see who’s better. Tell me when you’re ready.

  11. dubian99

    gobluesgogo, CR7 may have scored more goals with his all his penaltys and bendy beach ball but Cruyff wasn’t a total striker he was a playmaker

  12. dubian99

    shankly, Revie, Clough, Busby, a time of clueless tacticians/players, muppet, yes CR is a great, but he has joined already dominant teams with w class players, Cruyff himself shook Ajax and europe, thrashing Shankly at Anfield, winning the league with bottom of league Barcelona in first season, the same with struggling Ajax and Feyenoord back in holland, and he did’nt achieve that with a’ turn ‘ my friend, most of CR’s tricks are superfuous and showboating at a time when tackling is outlawed

  13. HoumaneNL

    @gobluesgogo The Portugese or the Brazilian? There is no way in the world that the Portugese is better.. The Brazilian is the best player ever in my opinion but He isnt better than Cruyff in everything..

  14. gobluesgogo

    @gobluesgogo and talking about CR7 being a “3 trick pony” which made me laugh. CR7 has more skill and can do things with the ball Cruyff would even dream of. Look who was the 1 trick pony with the infamours “cruyff” turn… like he invented that. A 5 year old will figure that out eventually. What about CR7 trademark Chop (introduced by him) isnt that a lot more effective, leaving the opposition on the wrong foot.

    But you tried making your point. FAILED 😉

  15. gobluesgogo

    Cruyff playing in the time with no tactical astutness 291 goals career total

    CR7 playing in the sports most developed time ever 184 goals (at 25 years of age)

    Any doubts CR7 will surpass Cruyff’s numbers in normal conditions?

  16. gobluesgogo

    @dubian99 I will flatter Cruyff and compare him to someone undoubtly better than him in every single departament of the beautiful game. Comparison: Cruyff or CR7.

    Speed: CR7 check, Skill: CR7 check, Acceleration: CR7 check, Set pieces: CR7 check Aerial: CR7 check Strenght: CR7 check Stamina: CR7 check Vision: CR7 check and who is the most prolific scorer of the 2: Hmmm… :-/ CR7 check. Who has more style CR7 check who’d you rather on your team if you were sane CR7 check No contest really

  17. dubian99

    @gobluesgogo , muppet, CR7 is a 3 trick merchant, players know what he’s going to do but can’t beat his pace, although i’m not idiot enough to label a player of greatness ‘potsmoking’ crap and other tinyminded insults. Cruyff would read cr7 like a book, He was unreadable, Any idiot can can play and score with todays ball its so bloody light like a beach ball, 60% of CR7 goals at mufc were penaltys gained falling all over the box like a brat, 20% were free kicks , Clown

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